Ecosy+ is a member of the Stove Industry Alliance (SIA)

Committed to low stove emissions

Ecosy+ is at the forefront of stove design and is dedicated to reducing stove emissions. Being a member of the Stove Industry Alliance means we design all our new products to the highest eco standards.

From 1st January 2022, new stoves will need to be tested to comply with the Ecodesign Ready Scheme, a new set of standards for quality, safety and efficiency. But members of the SIA, like Ecosy+, are introducing those standards right now, hastening improvements to air quality far in excess of current emissions requirements for Defra approval.

Independent research conducted by Kiwa has shown that Ecodesign Ready stoves can reduce particulate emissions by 90% compared to an open fire and 80% compared to a stove of 10 years ago.

After 2022, it will be illegal to manufacture stoves that are not Ecodesign Ready, but all SIA members are committed to manufacture only Ecodesign Ready stoves from 2020 - at least two years ahead of schedule.

High quality Defra-approved stoves direct to the trade

Designed in Hampshire the Ecosy+ range has been expertly developed with clean burn technology at the heart of the design.

This technology not only benefits the planet it benefits the user in reduced fuel usage. i.e. you are getting the absolute maximum heat and longevity from the fuel you are feeding into the fire.

Clean straight lines, huge glass fronted doors topped off with ergonomic chrome fittings makes this the ultimate in modern stove looks and performance.

All Ecosy+ stoves include

  • Super thick 10mm thick steel tops
  • 5 Year guarantee
  • Multi-fuel cast iron ash riddling grate
  • Efficiency between 75 and 82%
  • Full fire stone brick lining
  • Clean burning tertiary air system
  • Pre heat air wash system
  • Ash pan, tool and oven glove
  • Full CE certified user manual

The Snug 7, all Hampton stoves, Ottawa 5 and 12, Purefire Curve 5, 7.4 and 10 and Panoramic stoves are all DEFRA approved.

Discover the complete Ecosy+ range by selecting one of the collections below

Defra approval and Certificates

Rigorously tested at Kiwa Gastec for CE and British Standards. Various Defra-approved models are available.

Exclusive Designs

Designed in the heart of Hampshire by a team of stove specialists who have many combined years of knowledge and customer feedback to create a highly efficient, stylish and affordable stove.

Clean burning

Designed with savings in mind, these clean burning stoves reach a maximum rating of 85% efficiency. This has been achieved by incorporating a unique burn system into each stove.

Minimum 5 Year Guarantee

All Ecosy+ stoves come guaranteed for at least five years.